Bruno de Weck

Attorney at Law and Notary, Partner

André Clerc

Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Partner

Markus Meuwly

Attorney at Law, Assistant Lecturer UAS, Partner

Nicole Schmutz Larequi

Attorney at Law and Mediator SBA, Partner

Thomas Meyer

Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Partner

Elmar Wohlhauser

Attorney at Law, Certified Specialist FSA Criminal Law, Partner

Telmo Vicente

Attorney at Law, Partner

Marco Schwartz

Attorney at Law, CAS IRP-HSG Prozessführung - Civil litigation, Partner

David Yerly

Notary, Partner

Sarah Darwiche

Attorney at Law

Charlotte Andrey

Attorney at Law

Florence Perroud

Attorney at Law

Sandro Stucki

Attorney at Law

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  • Protection of legal personality: advice and court representation regarding media publications, cyber discrimination, harassment (including stalking), sending sexually explicit texts or photographs (sexting), sexual harassment, digital identity theft, reputation infringement, mobbing, etc.
  • Development of defence and counterattack strategies.
  • Advice on separation and divorce
  • Protective measures for the marital union
  • Divorce by mutual request
  • Contested divorce procedures
  • Dissolution of registered partnerships
  • Maintenance/related requests
  • Paternity recognition procedures
  • Assistance and support for relatives
  • Procedures before child and adult protection authorities
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Adoption
  • The Advance Care Directive
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Procedures concerning adult protection authorities
  • Advice on final testaments (wills, inheritance pacts, etc.)
  • Asset planning concerning potential entry into a care home
  • Inheritance planning
  • Représentation dans des partages successoraux
  • Representation in shared actions
  • Actions for the annulment or reduction of final testament dispositions
  • Representation during the establishment of an official inventory
  • Executor mandate, heir representation, office succession administration, official succession liquidator mandate
  • Advice and representation in neighbour law disputes (plantations, excessive emissions, etc.)
  • Interpretation, establishment, and enforcement of servitude contracts
  • Examination and establishment of co-ownership regulations
  • Dissolution of property co-ownership
  • Co-ownership division
  • Représentation dans les litiges relatifs aux gages immobiliers
  • Representation in disputes between co-owners
  • Representation in mortgage right disputes
  • Possession protection procedures
  • Property protection and guarantee procedures
  • Land register correction procedures
  • Pursuit requisition
  • Debt recognition procedures
  • Repetition of undue payment actions
  • Revocatory actions
  • Nullity actions
  • Collocation status
  • Appeal procedures against decisions of the debt collection office (e.g., in relation to a pledge)
  • Representation in auction sales
  • Bankruptcy request
  • Advice on circular letters from the bankruptcy office
  • Enforcement of claims assigned by the bankruptcy estate
  • Concordat request
  • Representation in concordat proceedings
  • Liquidator mandate
  • General advice on agricultural inheritance law
  • Advice and representation in authorization to acquire (LDFR) and verification procedures
  • Advice and representation in agricultural lease matters
  • Advice and representation in construction in agricultural zones
  • Advice and representation in domain takeovers
  • Drafting and review of private law contracts of any kind
  • Drafting and review of general conditions
  • Advice and representation in contractual disputes of any kind
  • Contractual liability
  • Drafting and review of private or public law contracts, personnel regulations, implementation regulations (e.g., use of electronic infrastructure, personality protection, data protection, etc.)
  • Advice to company management/personnel manager on all matters relating to the employment contract
  • Preparation of agreements in case of company liquidation
  • Preparation of work certificates
  • Representation in proceedings
  • Representation before joint commissions in case of collective agreements
  • Representation before administrative authorities (labour inspectorate, etc.)
  • Advice and representation in case of work accidents (civil, criminal, and administrative matters)
  • Representation vis-à-vis collective health insurance companies in terms of daily allowances
  • Drafting and review of lease contracts and related regulations
  • Advice on defects in leased property, rent reduction, and rent deposit
  • Advice on ordinary or extraordinary terminations
  • Advice on rent increases or reductions
  • Advice in case of damages caused by the tenant to the leased property and retention of the rent deposit
  • Execution of the retention right in tenancy matters
  • Representation before conciliation authorities
  • Representation before judicial authorities
  • Advice to construction companies, planners, project owners in all phases of a construction project (contract negotiations, construction insurance, warranty claims, delays, etc.)
  • Advice and representation in negotiations with developers, municipalities, and cantonal authorities
  • Preparation and review of construction contracts, planning contracts, general or total contractor contracts
  • Advice and representation in construction disputes of any kind
  • Legal mortgage for craftsmen and contractors
  • Examination of real estate sale contracts, preemption or repurchase rights, etc.
  • Advice and representation in building permit procedures
  • Collection of indemnities or fees
  • Implementation of defect guarantees and resulting claims
  • Examination and drafting of company contracts (simple company, partnership)
  • Examination and drafting of shareholder agreements
  • Advice to the board of directors
  • Request for annulment of general assembly decisions
  • Advice and representation in liability actions
  • Enforcement of rights arising from associate status
  • Business succession planning and advice
  • Advice and representation in building permit procedures
  • Representation before construction police authorities (violations of building regulations, restoration orders, etc.)
  • Advice and support in the establishment of planning or detailed planning procedures
  • Preparation of public law contracts related to zoning, equipment, and expropriation
  • Advice and representation in environmental protection procedures (noise, air quality, water quality, waste, etc.)
  • Representation in expropriation procedures
  • Representation of defendants
  • Representation of private plaintiffs
  • Representation of civil parties
  • Advice to victims of criminal acts
  • Advice to persons called to provide information or witnesses
  • Preparation of criminal law applications and complaints
  • Representation in cases of asset sequestration by criminal prosecution authorities
  • Advice and representation in cases of acts contrary to the Federal Act against Unfair Competition
  • Administrative criminal law
  • Economic criminal law
  • Advice and representation in cases of domestic violence
  • Extradition procedures
  • Procedures for international legal assistance
  • Military criminal law
  • Old-age and survivors’ insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Occupational pension schemes (pension funds, etc.)
  • Health insurance
  • Daily allowance insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Military insurance
  • Maternity insurance
  • Social assistance
  • Loss of earnings allowances
  • Representation in criminal proceedings
  • Representation in administrative proceedings (license withdrawal, etc.)
  • Advice and representation for traffic accident victims
  • Enforcement of civil claims against motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Examination of insurance contracts
  • Enforcement of insurance benefits
  • Representation of policyholders in damage claims
  • Private civil liability
  • Liability as a corporate officer (employer liability)
  • Liability of the project owner
  • Liability of animal owners
  • Liability in case of traffic accidents
  • Accidents using public transport
  • Liability for damages caused by minors
  • Recourse rights of liability insurers
  • Examination and drafting of municipal regulations
  • Advice and representation in opposition and appeal procedures
  • Representation in complaint procedures
  • Representation before cantonal and federal authorities
  • Advice on the interpretation of laws and regulations
  • Personnel status (examination and drafting of regulations and implementation regulations, etc.)
  • Establishment and examination of statutes (municipalities and multi-purpose associations, etc.)
  • Advice and support in the establishment of zoning plans
  • Equipment (preparation of public law contracts)
  • Public construction (preparation and review of contracts, enforcement of rights in case of defects, representation in fee disputes, etc.)
  • Advice on liability issues (municipal and official liability, construction owner liability, employer liability, etc.)
  • Preparation and examination of administrative law contracts
  • Representation in opposition and appeal procedures of any kind
  • Representation vis-à-vis authorities and public law corporations
  • Public personnel law
  • State and official liability
  • Public contributions (fees, taxes, etc.)
  • Examination and drafting of international contracts (e.g., distribution contracts, employment contracts, etc.)
  • Examination of jurisdiction and applicable law in international disputes
  • Arbitrator mandate
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings


  • Sale
  • Donation
  • Advancement of inheritance
  • Exchange
  • Other real estate transfers
  • Emption, pre-emption, and repurchase rights
  • Condominium ownership
  • Mortgage acts (constitution and modification of mortgage deeds)
  • Servitudes
  • Usufruct
  • Right of residence
  • Land charges
  • Requests to the land registry
  • Rural land law (agricultural properties and enterprises)
  • Company formation
  • Company modifications
  • Capital increase and reduction
  • Company restructuring according to the Merger Act (merger, split, transformation, asset transfer)
  • Company dissolution and liquidation
  • Company sale and transfer
  • Company domiciliation
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Requests to the commercial register
  • Inheritance planning, including tax matters
  • Wills
  • Inheritance pact
  • Partition
  • Executor mandate
  • Transfer of assets (advancement of inheritance, donations, transfer of agricultural assets)
  • Succession rights assignment and inheritance pact on unopened succession
  • Heir certificate
  • Official opening of death dispositions
  • Inventories
  • Will custody
  • Marriage contract
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Agreements between registered partners
  • Mandate for incapacity
  • Advance medical directives
  • Matrimonial regime liquidation
  • Inventories
  • Family foundation
  • Family undivided ownership
  • Surety
  • Powers of attorney
  • Signature legalization
  • Certified document copies
  • Authentic declarations
  • Authentic attestations
  • Records
  • Inventories
  • Draws
  • Loan
  • Lease
  • Various agreements and documents
  • Tax law


« We can’t solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. » Albert Einstein

Mediation is a method of resolving conflicts between two or more parties that, in the presence of a neutral and independent third party, enables a collaborative, tailored, and pragmatic solution suited to the specifics of the situation. Mediation often allows parties to avoid taking their dispute to court.

Our mediation services cover both interpersonal conflicts within families, workplace disputes, and neighbourly disagreements, as well as commercial disputes.

Through the implementation of the mediation process, we offer you a neutral, independent, and confidential negotiation space, allowing for the amicable, swift, and cost-effective resolution of disputes between private individuals and/or legal entities.

The agreement reached in mediation can, at the request of the parties, be formalised in an agreement drafted by our mediator-lawyer, who has extensive experience in court procedures.

Our firm offers its resources and extensive expertise by providing conferences in numerous legal fields, particularly in business and labour law, for nationally and internationally active companies, and through the publication of various articles and opinions in specialized legal journals.


The firm is located less than a 5-minute walk from the Fribourg CFF train station. The building is equipped with an elevator and has access for people with disabilities.

Saint-Pierre Office

Rue Saint-Pierre 4
CP 218
1701 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 347 30 90

Public Transport Access:
All Agglo Fribourg network buses of TPF, stop «Gare-CFF» or buses No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 – stop «Saint-Pierre»

Vehicle Access:
Fribourg Centre/Manor Parking — Parking des Alpes

Pérolles Office

Bd de Pérolles 12
1700 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 347 49 49

Public Transport Access:
All Agglo Fribourg network buses of TPF, stop «Gare-CFF» or buses No. 1, 3, or 7 – stop «Fries»

Vehicle Access:
Galeries du Rex Parking — Fribourg Centre/Manor Parking

Secondary office of Telmo Vicente and David Yerly, by appointment only.

Rue de Gruyères 65
1630 Bulle
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Public Transport Access:

Mobul network, stop «Bulle, St-Denis»

Vehicle Access:
Nearby parking: Place de l’Abbé Bovet

Secondary office of Elmar Wohlhauser, Marco Schwartz and Sandro Stucki, by appointment only.